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Parineeti Serial Cast, Twist, Written Story & More

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Parineeti Serial Cast, Twist, Written Story & More Empty Parineeti Serial Cast, Twist, Written Story & More

Malishka worries about Balwinder's fate, so she starts the episode. Malishka is anxious to meet Rishi. Rishi and Parineeti are now back at the Oberoi Mansion. Malishka questions Rishi about his travels. Parineeti asks Malishka why she's here. Parineeti comments on Malishka. Rishi also asks Malishka if she is here to find out if the culprit has been caught. After speaking with Rishi. Malishka does not know if Rishi knows that Balwinder attacked Rishi. Malishka then flees.

Malishka enters. Balwinder asks Malishka not to shout and closes Malishka's mouth. Balwinder leaves Malishka. Malishka begins asking questions about Balwinder. After Malishka had told Balwinder that he didn't, Malishka asks Parineeti why he wanted to kill Rishi. Balwinder disagrees with Malishka and claims that she tried making Balwinder a scapegoat. Balwinder calls Malishka to chameleon. Malishka calls Balwinder a chameleon. They argue for quite some time. Balwinder says that Rishi beat him and Malishka agrees to stay together for a few days more. Malishka resists to agree but Balwinder reminds Malishka that Rishi can catch them. Malishka accepts Balwinder's offer to stay at her house, provided that he provides her with the pen drive. Balwinder accepts the invitation and begins to search for the pen drive.

Balwinder discovers the pen drive has disappeared. Balwinder informs Malishka about the missing pen drive. Malishka scolds Balwinder for losing his pen drive. Malishka wonders if Rishi and Parineeti would be affected if they get the pen drive. Parineeti asks Rishi about his pen drive. Rishi says that Rishi is not denying it. Parineeti thinks this pen drive could be the one that was used in the capture of the footage. Rishi thinks the pen drive might have been dropped from Balwinder. Parineeti asks Rishi to bring her laptop so she can examine the contents of this pen drive. Parineeti and Rishi examine the pen drive and agree that it is enough evidence to prove their innocence.Rishi believes this is proof that the true criminal is identified.

Balwinder looks up at Malishka as he admires her bedroom. Parineeti is told by Balwinder that he will be living in the mansion once he marries Malishka. Malishka questions Balwinder about the pendrive, as he doesn't trust him. Balwinder insists he isn't lying and that the pendrive was actually lost. Balwinder asks Malishka about Malishka's inability to sleep alone at nights. Malishka misunderstands Balwinder when she hears this. He is slapped by her. Balwinder informs Malishka that the man wants alcohol. Malishka tells Balwinder that the bottles are in her cabinet. Balwinder takes the bottles from Malishka and drinks them.

Parineeti tells Rishi that the pen drive will be handed over to the police. Rishi says that he will be penalizing the real culprit because his family was badly hurt by him. Parineeti insists he doesn't have to and tells police to handle it.
Malishka worries about Rishi's family receiving the pen drive. Malishka is distracted by Rishi's thoughts.

Ahana and Karishma try to share the good news with NeelamVirendra. Dadi interrupts them, and says that she will tell them the good news as she is the elder in their household. Dadi informs Neelam & Virendra, that Rishi gave his evidence to police to prove their innocence. This evidence will be used to release Rishi. Neelam asks Dadi how it happened. Dadi explained that it was due to Parineeti.

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Message Jeu 10 Aoû - 9:24 par Eldred Frami

I'm really looking forward to the new episode. Although the plot is a bit long, the movie is still very interesting and the cast is very nice. Notify me when there's a new episode in mr mine

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